Saturday, July 12, 2014

Croque Cafe + Bakery soft Opening

Croque Cafe + Bakery which is pronounce as ""krohk" base from the french word crunch. The place is launched by Gruppo Kusinero, Inc. a family own and operated company that was establish is September 2013. Croque owner are Chefs Joseph "Paco" Lao and Chef Alexa Alaba    

Soft opening inaguration
      Below is the interior look of the place so rustic that it made you feel at home and some time you even want to inquire if some of their display are also for sale

      Some of the early guest.  Cannot start early for the ribbon cutting because it was raining too hard the most of the invited guest were late

     As Zomato was invited to the event they also invited me to grace the Croque event. So lucky that I met  the Zomato people and some of their invited guest that we were chatting about some improvement in the site including me that I also forgot to take some picture of the food.

     Senator Nikki Coseteng was present as the main sponsor for the ribbon cutting. At the back wearing dark grey are the chef owner. Great Food and everybody did enjoy the night that we almost forgot what time it was.
     Not sure if this is white wine or champagne with fresh strawberry.  Mild but still have a kick since after a while I can feel the effect of the wine.

    The giveaway cupcake they were preparing to put in a box. Below is a much closer view of the cupcake with their store front printed in edible ink


House Blend Ice Tea
           For people who doesn't drink wine. The tea is a bit overpowering or maybe because we are use to the tea use by those selling bubble tea. Actually I got to finish mine.
The menu for the night
      The food serving is an hors d' oeuvres size of their actual dishes

Watermelon Kesong puti w/ aragula, pine nut in Balsamic reduction
      This one was quite refreshing with the watermelon having pack so much water and sweetness in itself that it blended quite well with the saltiness of the quesong puti
VCO Poached salmon in Tomato Concasse
     This one was serve in different format one is in the chinese soup spoon and the other in this petite bowl. Really good
Coconut Pumpkin Capuccino
     Actually you cannot taste the capuccino coffee and the coconut. But this soup was really delicious that you will really want some more.
Wild Mushroom shooter w/ cruton baon and dry enoki mushroom
   This soup has an overpower flavor of the shitake mushroom some guest does not like the taste of it maybe they should lessen the taste of that certain mushroom if it's really is shitake.
Mini Pull Pork Pandesal
     The Pandesal was soft and the pull pork was tender even my grand daughter loves it. As we know kids don't lie so if they say it's good then it's really good as it's very hard to feel a child of 5
Mini croque Madam w/ quail egg sunny side up
    If this is an appetizer this one is really great for people who is on a diet.
Croque Adobo w/ steam rice
     The taste of the pork adobo is delicious that especially for a 5 years old picky eater she ate them all clean except for the vegetable of course.
     Not sure what this dish this is but some food blogger said it's the chicken goulash. The taste not bad but cannot explain what it is.

Ripped fresh pasta w/ Homemade pesto & Pine nut
 Thin pasta ripped to pieces and added with their Homemade pesto and pine nut. The pesto was a bit overpowering since pesto is made from Basil which has an overpowering taste but delicious that my daughter wanted some more. I was able to get a few taste of it and you can also bit into the pine nut that still is crunchy.
Speculoos Creme Burlee
      They did not quite burn the sugar but you still can crack on it. Delicious that grand daughter still want some more.

Almond Pana Cotta w/ fresh fruits

     The pana cotta was so soft and not the gelatin type of dessert, not too sweet plus the fresh strawberry and kiwi even complement it with their unique tartness. Great.
Lemon tartlet
     I think this was suppose to be Lemon tartlet with toasted merinque. Since the staff are busy for the event the forgot to put it but anyway. The tartness of the Lemon is just right since lime is much harder to find here than lemon so Croque made their own version of the key lime pie and madeit  is a Lemon pie.  Great idea.

     Croque does not only serve cook food but also some bread and pastries

Thanks to Zomato for inviting me to the soft opening of Croque Cafe + Bakery and it was fun meeting the people of Zomato and Croque management and chefs.

     This is a must try Cafe and bakery the 1 picture I forgot to take is the Pink peppercorn encrusted tuna in an open face rye bread. Mostly tuna encrusted cook medium rare are serve as main dish but adding to a bread made it even healthier. This one is a must try dish for those health conscious people and was able to get one and share it with my daughter as it really run out fast in the buffet table.

     Go Try Croque cafe + bakery from July 14-19 as they have a 20% discount on all food items . Check their FB page

Croque Cafe + Bakery
G/ floor Dominion Bldg., 833 Arnaiz St.
Makati City.

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